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Ask a VWC Nurse: What Are Some Reasons I Might Miss a Period (Other Than Pregnancy)?

reasons for missed period

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Q. What Are Some Reasons I Might Miss a Period (Other Than Pregnancy)?

It’s an insanely busy time as the semester draws to a close and finals are approaching. With the stress of all this, if you’re also dealing with the stress of a late or missed period, you may be wondering what the cause of this may be.

A. There are several reasons you might miss a period besides pregnancy. Check out our list below:

1. Stress – Stress causes the hormones in your brain to alter, which can cause a missed period. Stress such as a break-up, finals, or another life turn can cause this to occur.

2. Excessive Weight Loss or Gain, or an Eating Disorder – Excessive weight changes, including anorexia or bulimia, can cause your reproductive hormones to decrease. This decrease in hormones can cause you to miss a period.

3. Strenuous Exercise – Endurance athletes, or those who are exercising excessively, may notice a change in their periods. That’s because increased or overly strenuous exercise can cause a change in your hormone levels, which can change your cycle.

4. Fatigue or Sleep Irregularity – Regular sleep is important for your hormonal balance, that’s why sleep deprivation or changes to your normal sleeping pattern can cause a late or missed period.

5. Birth Control Methods – Birth control, such as BCPs or Implanon/Nexplanon, can cause changes in your period. These methods of birth control can cause your periods to be less predictable (more or less frequent) or can cause you to miss periods altogether. Starting, stopping, or taking birth control inconsistently can affect your menstrual cycle.

Missed Period? Free Pregnancy Testing at Valley Women’s Clinic

Maybe you’re not sure which, if any, of these factors may have caused your late or missed period, but it never hurts to rule out pregnancy. Valley Women’s Clinic provides free pregnancy testing at our clinics in Blacksburg and Radford. We can also test for the STIs chlamydia and gonorrhea free of charge. Request an appointment today. We’re here to help you!

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