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Making wise choices this school year!

Let the 2018 College Year Begin!

All over the nation, college students are beginning fall semester. Starting anything new, you are faced with choices and decisions that must be made. Whether you are leaving home for the first time, living at home while taking classes or you are returning as an upperclassman, these choices will affect the outcome of your year!

Over the next few weeks, we wanted to give you a few tips to help you prepare for a successful Fall Semester!

Choosing Appropriate Boundaries

Now is the time to set boundaries for yourself. In most cases you are stepping into a situation where you won’t have someone telling you when it’s time to study, or when to be home or even what you can and cannot put into your body. It’s important to set boundaries in advance of what you will and will not do. In the moment is not always the best time for intentional decision-making. By being prepared, you know your direction and stick to your plan.

Choosing Your Friends Wisely

You will get to choose NEW friends. They won’t be same ones you’ve known in your class since Kindergarten, they will be adult friendships that are REAL, friendships that include the same INTERESTS & friendships that are built on TRUST. Choose your friends wisely! Find those friends that support and/or share your values, that will be there to keep you from crossing over your own boundaries and cheer you on along the way!

Choosing When to Stand Firm

When something crosses your boundaries, you never have to do anything you don’t think is right. It’s okay to ditch a date, leave a party, ask for help, and stand firm in your choices. Surround yourself with friends that you know will help you make the right choices and not push you past your boundaries. Find your end of the line, your stopping point, and say it with boldness and certainty.


Starting something new can be a stressful and sometimes intimidating situation. Having a plan in place before you begin your new adventure will help you make the right choices! Valley Women’s Clinic is here for you if you find yourself in a situation where you have nowhere to turn. Contact us for a free and confidential appointment!