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Are YOU The Bad Roommate?

    Going off to college and getting a new roommate can be one of the most thrilling experiences of moving away from home! Everything is great the first couple of weeks and then after the honeymoon phase, you start realizing every little detail about this person that is beginning…


Making wise choices this school year!

Let the 2018 College Year Begin! All over the nation, college students are beginning fall semester. Starting anything new, you are faced with choices and decisions that must be made. Whether you are leaving home for the first time, living at home while taking classes or you are returning as…


Sexy Halloween Costumes: Empowering or Degrading to Women?

Halloween – one way you get to relive your childhood every year. The anticipation you felt as a kid getting to wear that Disney Princess dress or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume to go trick or treating still applies for many college students as they plan and create their costume…


3 Spring Break Safety Tips

It’s almost here – spring break! Many of you have been slammed with exams the past few weeks, and now it’s finally time for a mental break at this half-way point in the semester. Whether you’re traveling to a sunny destination or just heading home to see family and friends,…


Five Tips for Dealing with Stress During Exam Time

Stress. It’s something we all deal with. However, millennials report the highest stress levels of all Americans. College students can especially feel stressed during the last few weeks of the semester, finishing up projects and papers and preparing for and taking those final exams. While this is always likely to…