Hey there, Highlanders! 🌄 You’ve just landed in the welcoming community of Radford University, and your campus adventure is about to take off. Ready to navigate the RU experience like a pro? Let’s break it down – here’s your local guide to making those first days on campus unforgettable.

🍕 Fuel Up at Highlander Pizza

Before you dive into the hustle, grab a delicious slice at Highlander Pizza to kickstart your Radford journey with a burst of flavor. Because every great adventure begins with great food.

🚌 Roam Around with RU Transit

Jump on RU Transit for free and explore your new surroundings like a true Highlander. It’s not just a ride; it’s your ticket to discovering the beauty of Radford and reducing your carbon footprint too.

🛍️ Retail Therapy at Radford Shopping Plaza

Need move-in essentials? Head to Radford Shopping Plaza for a shopping spree that covers everything from dorm decor to groceries. It’s your one-stop shop for settling in style.

🏓 Bond with the Bonnie!

Ready to unwind? Check all the amenities at “The Bonnie” (Hurlburt Student Center) and kick back with your fellow Highlanders. It’s the perfect way to ease into your new routine and make some new friends!

🎉 Join the Club

Discover the 250+ clubs, events, and the heart of the RU community while at the Bonnie. Immerse yourself in the campus vibe and find your tribe of fellow Highlanders.

📚 Book Hunts and Beyond

Got your booklist? Give it a double-check and grab those essential readings at the RU Bookstore. It’s time to gear up for academic success!

🍬 Treat Yourself at Sweet & Savory

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a doughnut from Sweet & Savory Doughnuts & Bagels. After all, every bite is a reminder that you’re savoring every moment of your Radford adventure!

🍂 Bond with Nature

Forge unforgettable bonds with your roommates while on local nature walks at Bisset Park or Wildwood Park Riverway or take it up a notch with some serious hiking at the Cascades or McAfee’s Knob! (Just watch out for bears! 🐻)

🗺️ Navigate with a Campus Map

Plan like a pro before classes start with a Campus Map in hand. Take it from this Millennial who missed her first classes wandering all over campus…you’ll be glad you did.

😴 Rest Up for Success

Before you dive into classes, remember: self-care is key. Prioritize your well-deserved rest the night before. You owe it to yourself to invest in your health!

Highlanders, as you step into the next chapter of your life at Radford University, let this guide be your first week roadmap. Embrace the adventure, create lifelong memories, and make the most of every moment – because your RU story starts now! 📚❤️🏞️